Monday, March 29, 2010

Tonights Gonna Be a Good Night

Thank you to the wonderful person (Katie's sister Gloria) who gave Katie coupons for 2 free pieces of cheesecake, which then led to a joyous dance party in the car... And also thank you to whoever gave Dani the Grammy CD and thank you to Winder for makin the dance party great... What a lovely moment in History!

Dear America....

Dear America....
When did it become okay to stab your girlfriend in the neck only then to steal her car and drag the cops into a high speed chase?


Dear America...

sorry we have been away for so long...when did it become ok to leave things nameless such as the grass in between the sidewalk and the st.???

Dear America...

I would like to talk to you about Taylor Swift... Now, I would like to start by saying that although I used to not enjoy Taylor Swift, this is not a personal vendetta against her. The thing is Taylor has given us some very nice catchy songs, but lets be honest, she is not all that great of a singer... She is no Carrie Underwood, for example. So lets not abandon Taylor but lets think about the reality that she may not be a completely wonderful as we give her credit for. Food for your thoughts... That is all, do with it what you may...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Day 2

Twas the morning after Ashley Ray and Kathryn's birthday
When i came to the realization that the 25th of January most have been one of the best days in all of HISTORY.
I had also found that life is much better spoken in a british tone <3

Thou has had an amazing celebration of the remembrance of thine birth. Twas a night in which I shall never forget. Let us all reflect upon the miracle which is birth and life! I greatly appreciate all the wishes I was honored with this night I love you all. Good night and good morrow! [&]

xoxo Historiana

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Blog 1

The Day or shall I say the eve before Katherine and Ashley Rays birthday 
It twas a dark night on the eve when katie aka Katherine found that she had misplaced her computer/ writing tablet... what a sad moment in history <3

On the eve of my day of birth, dearest Danielle could not contain her excitement and was anxiously awaiting the stroke of midnight so that she could present me and the lovely Katherine with our birthday gifts... But alas she could not wait and around 10:30pm her excitement got the best of her and she locked the lovely Katherine and I in the back room as she prepared our gifts... When she released us from the room she presented us with the most beautiful ice cream pies I have ever seen... What a wonderful moment in history... 

And now the moment has arrived in which I must pour out my heart into this Internet journal. Thus it be the Eve of thine dear friend Ashley and thine own birthday. I sit here scribbing whilst I listen to my fellow historiana debate the fine arts of jean wrinkling. I must join the exhilarating discourse but do not despair I shall grace you with my words in days to come! What an interesting moment in history [&]